Our Sales department offers targeted and volume solutions for sales. Telesis Solutions will help you achieve sustainable and profitable revenue growth.

We establish long-term business relationships based on daily support, professional approach and carefully developed strategic advice. Through our combination of professional capabilities, procedures and technologies, we guarantee the provision of fast, exceptional and reliable sales services, focusing first and foremost on what matters to our clients.



Our Sales team helps genuine buyers connect with reliable suppliers and make purchasing decisions. We help our clients save time and money, which in turn allows them to focus on their products and services.

We also want to be the most trusted B2B trading platform, promoting trade, helping our partners overcome new challenges, and exploit new opportunities.

Our company develops and implements a sales strategy for local and regional commerce. We help our partners get their point across to potential buyers, accurately represent their product, and highlight its best features. We support our clients in finding B2B customers and helping to retain existing customers. We find ways to increase your sales conversions. If you are a new market entrant, we can define the right processes, start and increase sales, find new consumption markets and opportunities to export to markets abroad.

Cold Calling

Telesis Solutions offers a professional and efficient Cold Calling service that enables our clients to conduct market research, acquire new customers, increase revenue, all helping to progress your business. We are ready to help our clients to develop their business connections and increase their market share.

Through us, you can find your potential customers, get in touch with them quickly, and find common ground with them. You can count on us to find quality leads and convert their interest in your products or services into actual sales.

Our team of sales professionals offers cold calling service to companies representing various industries. We are continuously developing a personalized and efficient cold calling script and our agents are fully trained all of the techniques effective cold calling requires.

Direct Selling

Direct selling is the simplest tool for selling in a retail network. Our sales professionals are ready to introduce your products and services directly to customers.

If you offer a unique product or service but don't have an established sales network, we can use our network to sell your product or service.

Personal selling involves selling a product or service directly to a consumer. Our experienced sales and marketing professionals use effective strategies to build trust and rapport that help close more deals. We can successfully present complex products and build personal relationships to help you gain and retain customers and develop long-term relationships with repeat buyers.

Event Sales

Events occupy a large place in the world of marketing today. They can also serve as platforms for our sales professionals to present your products and services as part of your marketing strategy.

Many events are worth the time and money you spend on them, provided you receive a reasonable return on investment through increased leads and sales, which we can help you with.

Our sales managers are multi-taskers and excellent negotiators, and can benefit your business by maximizing your sales performance and helping you close deals.

Having complete information about your products and services, our specialists will be able to answer all the questions of interested customers, as well as provide them with the necessary information during negotiations.


E-commerce is developing very quickly and offers endless opportunities. It is an extremely flexible platform to enter the market and will allow you to succeed very quickly if you follow the rapid developments in the e-commerce industry and your competitors. Our team, in turn, will study the activities of your competitors and make recommendations based on market research and information received from consumers.

As an e-commerce service provider, Telesis Solutions has a team of experienced professionals in the field. We can help our partners successfully face various challenges, increase the availability of their products, and induce demand in new markets, thus bringing their business to a higher level.

E-commerce also allows sellers to have full control and ownership of their products.


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