Information Center

Our team members are young, energetic and professional; they are ready to face any challenge and succeed. Originally founded as a call center, we quickly realized that we could offer a wider selection of services compared to other similar centers. Information center specialists rely on a wide range of technologies in their work, which enables us to more quickly and easily address and solve customers’ needs.

We are constantly expanding the range of services we provide, aiming to be the leader in this field. Our mission is to enhance customer satisfaction and foster customer loyalty through excellent service.


Data Analysis

The gathering of relevant data along with statistical analysis allows us to quickly identify potential problems of our clients’ companies and solve them at the earliest possible stage.

We collect and analyze the data obtained through phone calls and online chats, for any period of time, according to the client’s needs, and provide reports reflecting the types of problems and the results obtained. The reports help our partners understand what their customer base’s needs, measuring marketing effectiveness, helping them allocate the available budget more accurately, and monitoring the work of their staff members to improve the customer experience, etc.

Contact Center

Our center offers its varied services at a reasonable cost. We practice a specific approach tailored to each client according to the client's needs.

Our employees are able to handle your calls, messages, e-mails, online chats in Armenian, English and Russian languages, using ready-made individual scripts for each client and their relative industry. Our employees regularly participate in training courses in order to be fully competent in the areas we provide customer service, which includes:

Identifying customer needs

Providing and clarifying  information to customers, and

Investigating and settling  potential issues.

We offer all these services and more 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Mass Texting (SMS, Viber)

Mass texting is one of an essential tool of mobile marketing and is used every day by businesses to provide customers with targeted information, organize information campaigns, inform about promotions and changes in services. This tool allows you to send personalized texts to a large number of subscribers in a very short period of time and have a large audience at once to keep them safe, informed and engaged.

SMS messages can include up to 70 characters and may contain a link and emojis, while Viber messages allow to use up to 1000 characters and include active links and photos..

Depending on the field of activity, we can provide our customers with ready-made standard solutions or, in consultation with our experts, develop individual solutions.

Mystery Calling

This service helps assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business, improve work procedures and service quality, understand how well employees follow guidelines (for example, if they promote the services and products they are assigned to promote, and how they communicate with customers etc.). In short, this service allows you to view your company through the eyes of existing and potential customers.

The mystery calling service can also be used to understand how call procedures are at competing companies and to compare your services with those of your competitors.

Outbound Telephone Calls

Depending on the type of business and industry, the outgoing phone call service can be used for the following purposes: to notify customers of changes, to organize advertising campaigns, to offer products and services, to update contact information, to carry out post-sales follow ups, to obtain information about competing businesses, etc.

Using best practices and the right technologies, this service allows us to make calls on our client’s behalf to existing or potential customers, to collect and summarize customer responses, and provide detailed reports to our client. In the future, similar reports can serve as a database for marketing and sales purposes.

Telephone Surveys

A telephone survey is one of the most effective tools for conducting marketing research in a consumer audience. It helps to identify the demand for a specific product or service in the market. It also shows the attitude of consumers towards the quality, specifications and design of a given product or service.

Telephone surveys can also be employed to determine customer satisfaction, brand awareness and to conduct public opinion research. Surveys are carried out on the basis of questionnaires provided by the client or developed by our team and can cover different customer groups and segments (B2B, B2C, etc.).


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